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There are tons of people on Tinder, Ok Cupid, and Match (among others) that you might never otherwise have crossed paths with.

But online dating can feel maze-like and overwhelming. What should you include on your profile to get noticed?

“Don’t you dare put a picture of you in a bathroom with your shirt off,” Lily says. Theoretically, someone could ask you what you like to read, but that’s running the risk that you don’t have anything in common depending on your answer. If you’re going to message someone first, this is one of the most important pieces of advice we can give you, but this piece of advice is relevant whether you message first or not.

“It makes you look like you have no friends, and it’s a definite turn-off.” First and foremost: we get it. Don’t lie about how much exercise you get every week. You need to give a little bit of a hint of what you’re about., you risk two things: first, that you will come off as a know-it-all who isn’t open to conversation and, second, even if that’s not a turn-off to a potential date, there will be nothing to talk about if that person wants to message you. Leave some breadcrumbs, and the right person will definitely follow. No woman wants that generic “Hey beautiful” message.

No matter the lie, you shouldn’t expect them to be happy. Related: Date Night Grooming Tips You Can’t Afford To Ignore So we’ve been talking at you about the Goldilocks profile. This will show that you’ve read their profile, and that you’re interested in more than just looks.

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