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Well, Hannah’s sort of like, “Listen, if we have a serious hunch on this, we’ve got to tell our commander-in-chief (Kiefer Sutherland), because he’s got know what his options are.” Even if it’s theory, he’s got to know what is at play, because in the real world — and I trained with the FBI, so I asked them this specifically — if you had pretty pertinent information and you didn’t tell the president, they said it would be “professional suicide.” Hannah’s argument is that they should have told Kirkman from Day 1, but [Atwood] wasn’t biting because, first of all, their reservations were unfounded.

And as he said in one of the episodes, [Kirkman] is a guy who was 11th in line [to be president], he’s up to his ears in [everything], so we bring him a conspiracy. [Atwood] was high up in the ranks, but because everybody including the Director was wiped out, filling those shoes was a very, very big deal.

The couple kept their relationship under wraps until they got engaged back in 2013. Apparently, the couple loves working together because Jenner has snagged a recurring role on the CBS superhero drama.

This isn't the first time Russell has had a relationship with a co-star.

Back in the late '90s Russell dated her star Lisa Rinna has been married to actor Harry Hamlin since 1997.

TVLINE In fact, his family is put at risk in this week’s episode, right? When it comes to this investigation, he’s always been a little more conservative knowing that he could open a box that they don’t want to get into.

And he does have more experience than she does, so he understands that sometimes things go very high and you don’t want to know [the truth].

She made her first TV appearance in Cantonese drama show House of the Dragon in 1998 as Devine in a number of episodes Maggie Q performs an intense workout routine almost daily that includes core exercises, plyometric and martial arts training to keep her toned body in fighting shape for her challenging action stunts.

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