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“And now I’m “changed television” by, among other things, taking its central character from hero to villain over the course of five seasons.(As the show’s creator, Vince Gilligan, put it, he went “from Mr.That was something his parents, who met in a Hollywood acting class in the 1950s, had failed to do.

But his father, Joe, “wanted to be a ” Cranston says, sounding a note of doom.

Joe, like Cranston, was handsome, with a strong jaw and a matinee-idol voice, and he did well enough as an actor: One year he even made enough money to buy the family a pool.

The film is a remake of a French blockbuster that grossed approximately a bajillion euros and left all of France in tears.

But first there’s Richard Linklater’s much-anticipated (November 3), costarring Steve Carell and Laurence Fishburne.

He calls the long list of projects he’s developed with his production company, Moonshot Entertainment, his “children,” and eagerly lists them by name: There’s the con-man drama also for Amazon.

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