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Gran Turismo 5 supports up to 16 players simultaneously without any noticeable lag, and it smartly deals with those who think it's hilarious to drive backward or to park their cars across the track by making them translucent and possible for others to pass through unscathed.Furthermore, as the host of an online session, you have numerous options with which to customize your races, including one that temporarily reduces power to the engines of anyone who collides with other racers or ends up riding rails around corners rather than slowing down for them.Furthermore, there's no easy way to invite friends into sessions that you're playing in or even hosting.

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There's something to be said for the novelty of racing in a station wagon, or for trying to score points drifting in an underpowered antique, but there are a large number of cars in GT5 that aren't useful for a single event.

And even if you get a kick out of trying to collect as many of the game's cars as possible, do you really want more than 25 variants of either Honda's S2000 or Mazda's MX-5?

Each room is also assigned a unique 20-digit code that you can distribute to anyone who isn't on your friends list via forums and such, which is a functional if inelegant way to get people into your room, and a necessary evil given the lack of matchmaking.

When you're not behind the wheel or looking for online races, you might find that you spend a lot of time checking the used-car lot for rare or favorite vehicles.

Just as they don't look as impressive as premium cars, many of the standard cars don't sound great, and when the soundtrack jarringly switches between forgettable rock and forgettable jazz, it's hard not to wonder if so much attention was paid to the premium cars during development that other aspects of the game were neglected.

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