Updating credit information letter

For example, the creditor may decide to sue you to recover the debt, in which case they’re allowed to contact you again to give you this update., tell the collector the name of your attorney.

If you prefer your attorney handle the situation, you can tell the collector not to contact you again and only speak with your attorney.

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The Division will continue to update these topics with new and historical materials and by uploading staff no-action letters that also can be accessed here.

The RAPID Rescore service enables CIC to update the consumer credit information with the three national repositories of consumer credit information within 3 to 5 days.

Please call 800-352-5882 and speak with the Rescore department or your account executive for more information on this valuable service.

For the bureau to accept CIC requests, all documents MUST be typed on letterhead, from the creditor reporting the account, Collection agency receipts with account number, Court issued documents, and letter of discharge and all schedules for bankruptcies.

It should state specifically how the information should be changed and include the date, complete account number, name and phone number of the creditor contact.

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