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I will recommend to make a cron job there is running once every day so you have always will have a updated virus database The easiest way to get this done is to add this line in your crontab, so open your crontab You can choose witch text editor you want to use within the nr 1-4 and then press enter and add the content below to the file.

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0.97.5 is in quantal and natty/oneiric/precise-security and updates (no more testing needed) and in lucid/hardy backports, more testing would be good to see if we might get it promoted to updates.

The purpose if using *-backports is to enable wide testing and early access to users that require it while leaving -proposed open for any urgent fixes that need to be pushed on through.

So there are many reasons you might need a virus scanner on your Linux system.

Clam AV team produly announced the latest version of Clam AV 0.99 on December 01, 2015.

clamd, clamdscan, clamscan) will be listed in each matrix and have to be tested accordingly.

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