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If that isn’t motive enough, you should know that this study-abroad program will also net you three credits.On its surface, “Wasting Time on the Internet” sort of seems like a class where you don’t do anything.Not that we’re suggesting Miley Cyrus is messed up, per se.

Like Hogwarts itself, this two week course is rather exclusive, reserved as it is for honors English students only.

Unlike Hogwarts, students are hardly ever dragged into the woods by giant man-eating spiders or mauled by werewolves.

(Duke) to full courses of study in Bowling Industry Management (Vincennes University) and Arctic Engineering (University of Alaska, Fairbanks…obviously), the world of higher education is a palette of infinite colors.

In our first installment of an ongoing series, we’ll seek out some of the most unusual, unique, and off-the-wall courses, majors, and graduate programs on the planet.

You’ll also want to be fairly confident in your ability to phase through brick walls.

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