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You can use your account to get access to App Store, i Tunes store, Find My i Phone services, also synchronize all your personal data (Contacts, Notes, Mail, Photos, etc.) via i Cloud storage and much more.Whatever you do on an i Phone you’ll be asked your personal Apple ID.Millions of people have this question as how to create an Apple ID without entering their Credit Card's detail in Apple's System? It's because they are scared of being hacked by some unethical person as several instances have occurred in the past few years where big companies like apple were reported to be hacked with passwords and credit card number shown in the systems.

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If you don't want to use a credit card, you can use another form of payment, such as a gift card. If you have an unpaid balance or payment due You can't select None as your payment type until you pay your balance.

To see which order you need to pay for, view your purchase history on a Mac or PC.

The main reason of writing this post is, while creating Apple ID it asks to set up a payment method where you have the option to provide Credit/Debit card details or use Paypal, Redeem a gift certificate or select None as a payment method for the free Apple ID,sometimes this option of selecting None is not available or not shown or the option none is there, but after you select next, it loops you to the top of the screen and nothing happens.

It also says "For assistance, contact i Tunes Support" or "Please contact i Tunes support to complete this transaction" This issue of not showing None option as a payment method or looping you to the same payment method screen is always resulted when you are using an existing or old Apple ID that you have already created before either on a windows PC or otherwise and did not set up payment method.

It’s better to skip it by pressing «» (small letters in the center).

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