Ps3 players met not updating

Except for this difference, the proxy Media Server acts exactly as the real Media Server it is linked to.

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Use the password that you defined in the Security tab.

This setting allow you to set when Bubble UPn P should automatically connect to this remote network to make the associated Media Servers available in the Devices tab of the app.

The Windows Installer will try to auto-detect network settings so the server is usable straight away adding the required firewall and NAT rules, but this might not work in all network setups.

The configuration front-end is divided into 6 tabs: This page displays a summary of the server operational status and has all information required to configure Android Bubble UPn P: If "Server is reachable from Internet" is displayed, everything is fine and Bubble UPn P Server is ready to use for remote access.

If Bubble UPn P Server must handle a new transcode while a GPU transcode is already active, it will fallback to software transcoding for that new transcode. Start the Bubble UPn P Server web config, go into 'Settings Chromecast Transcoding' and tap the 'Peform GPU transcoding test' button.

Last modified 26-May-2020 09:45