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Her appearance and clothing resembles that of traditional Japan, often only seen wearing either her school uniform, sports uniform or her training hakama.Her hair, too, is usually just worn straight in a traditional cut, only sometimes pulling it back into a ponytail during training.When Keitaro panicked and ran away to Pararakelse Island Naru went after him to bring him back while Motoko and the rest of the Hinata gang went to check on their latest exam results; discovering that Mutsumi, Naru and Keitaro had all passed the exams.

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Though the duel was extensive she was ultimately defeated by Seta when she had become surprised by his knowledge of the Shinmei ryu school.

She began to notice that her skills were deteriorating when even Tama managed to defeat her by catching her sword in mid-strike.

Body-wise she is physically capable of performing mystical techniques due to her ability to harness her ki energy for combat.

Her training has also allowed her become a formidable warrior and swordsman, despite her young age, however her naivety has sometimes hampered her progress.

Though this attempt ultimately failed, Motoko continued to support Keitaro and Naru’s relationship even if she herself didn’t understand their attraction.

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