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It is a mutually beneficial sexual encounter without a relationship.You call them after 11pm and you agree on a place to meet for sex. Loyalty is not a part of the game when it comes to a booty call. Finding a person that is willing to have sex with you minus a relationship, a date or the exchanging of money is a lot easier than you ever imagined.

There are an increasing amount of dating, hookup and booty call websites and apps out there; but why pay a subscription or be randomly paired when sexual opportunity is all around you.

Ex-lovers, neighbors, real-world friends, friends from social media and co-workers are some of the easiest targets when it comes to a booty call.

An option that is much easier than broaching the subject to someone that you know, using an affair or swinger’s app.

Men and women that are less than satisfied with their spouse’s sexual prowess are ideal booty call candidates.

Singles chatlines are by far my most effective resource to find horny women willing to meet.

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