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Some sources say the recipe was based on his mother's homemade ice creams and desserts, who either sold or gave Johnson the ice cream recipe.Regardless, the new recipe made the ice cream more flavorful due to an increased content of butterfat.After waiting a few years and maintaining his business, Johnson was able to persuade an acquaintance in 1932 to open a second Howard Johnson's restaurant in Orleans, Massachusetts.

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Negotiations were made and, toward the end of the decade, the first Howard Johnson's restaurant opened in Quincy.

The first Howard Johnson's restaurant featured fried clams, baked beans, chicken pot pies, frankfurters, ice cream, and soft drinks.

By 1951, the sales of the Howard Johnson's company totaled $115 million.

By 1954, there were 400 Howard Johnson's restaurants in 32 states, about 10% of which were extremely profitable company-owned turnpike restaurants; the rest were franchises.

Howard Johnson's restaurants were franchised separately from the hotel brand beginning in 1986, however began to severely dwindle in number and all but disappeared by the 21st century.

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