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Let me stick to the subject of Seroquel, and cut directly to the chase.For many years I took 1,500 mgs of Seroquel as part of my cocktail.

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I had highly resistant bacterial infections (a good clue that my immune system was not functioning well) and extreme reactions to food and chemicals (like cosmetics, alas). The issue of insomnia, was to put it oxymoronically, a nightmare. My body was fixed in a state of fight or flight that created severe inflammation, agitated exhaustion, and severe irritability.

The best four hundred dollars I have ever spent (not covered by insurance, and Why IS that? For more than a year I was lucky if I got three or four hours of sleep, and I went days (nights, really) in a row with absolutely none. There were periods of crisis, but the clumsy interventions only made things worse (Ambien, which did not work and Haldol, which gave me 24 hours of uncontrollable facial movements).

If a competent neurologist had been there at the emergency room, he might well have remarked to the doctors who directed me to have a radical hysterectomy; “you idiots.

She just got off a drug that acts on neurotransmitters.

I learned that over a decade of suffering (including the loss of my children over suicidality) was not, in fact, suffering from an actual disease, but instead, the “side effects” of the drugs purported to treat it.

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