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[email protected] - to help calculate refundable tax credits under the Child Assistance and Work Premium measures Related Links Other Income Support Programs - includes links to more info on the following programs: * Solidarity tax credit * Tax credit for child assistance * Working income tax benefit * Work premium * Shelter Allowance Program * Canada child tax benefit * Employment Insurance (EI) * Québec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP) * Québec Handy Numbers, 2015 Edition (PDF - 7.8 MB, 72 pages) * * Pacte pour l'emploi (Employment Pact) - Announced March 18, 2008 (One billion dollars over three years to improve participation in the labour market and productivity) * National Strategy to Combat Poverty and Social Exclusion (Overview and links to related documents) - An Act to combat poverty and social exclusion - Progress reports on the National Strategy - links to annual reports for all five years of the Strategy - Centre d’étude sur la pauvreté et l’exclusion (research centre on poverty, set up under the Strategy) - Comité consultatif de lutte contre la pauvreté et l’exclusion sociale (Advisory committee, set up under the National Strategy) - Poverty Reduction Strategies in Quebec and in Newfoundland and Labrador (Oct/07) - from the Parliamentary Research Library (Govt.

of Canada) * Main changes under the Individual and Family Assistance Act : New programs as of January 1, 2007 (PDF, 145K, 2 pages) * Québec Parental Insurance Plan * The Insertion Model or the Workfare Model?

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annual report - welfare stats are under "Employment and Income Assistance Division" See also: Number of People on Welfare, March 1995 to March 2005 (PDF file - 133K, 1 page) Source: National Council of Welfare Welfare rates (benefits) Click the welfare program link above, then select a client category (single parents, persons with a disability or general assistance category) to access an EIA brochure that includes benefit levels for that category.

OR Click the Employment and Income Assistance Regulation link above.

The Transformation of Social Assistance within Quebec and Canada ((PDF - 2.4MB, 190 pages - September 2002) --- Excellent Quebec welfare reform information!!

(from Status of Women Canada)Welfare statistics See Social Assistance caseload/beneficiary statistics and expenditure information, 1997 to 2014 (further down on the page you're reading presently) Ontario Disability Support Program Statistical Report Ontario Works Statistical Report See also: Number of People on Welfare, March 1995 to March 2005 (PDF file - 133K, 1 page) Source: National Council of Welfare* Ontario Trillium Benefit (Eff.

The model and the methodology have remained constant for every subsequent edition of the report (with the exception of the Person with a Disability category, which was added to the 1989 edition.)"Welfare incomes" is a collection of links to the complete Welfare Incomes series of reports (from 1989 to 2009 2011 update), maintained by Library and Archives Canada, except for "Welfare in Canada : The Tangled Safety Net", which was the first report in the series and whose link appears immediately above.

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