im 20 and dating a 30 year old - Dating horoscopes

We'll uncover the characteristics of each star sign and the latest planetary alignments that influence your life every day.Enjoy your FREE Personal Horoscope Forecast Sample...

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Consequently, for this astrological birth chart to be the most accurate representation it can be, an individual needs to know not only their exact birth day, but the exact time and place they were born.

However, not everyone is privy to such information.

Whether you're single or in a relationship, people are always looking for answers when it comes to love, sex and the dating game.

Each passing month gives people the opportunity to check their horoscope for a little insight into the opposite sex.

While today's Astrologists have embraced the internet and other modern modes of sharing our work, the basic premise of astrology has remained true to it's ancient roots.

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