Dating carl sagans mom

Jon didn't tell me a happy lie, didn't tell me that everything would be okay.He just held me, tears streaming down his own face.

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Dating carl sagans mom

My dad wrote a book that contains the line, "For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love." For that and a million other reasons, there was no question about my answer when Jon knelt in the garden of our favorite restaurant and asked me to be his wife.

My father couldn't walk me down the aisle, no matter how much I wanted him to, but I knew I had to somehow feel his presence at our wedding.

Whenever a shift occurs in her life, even if it's something small—a restaurant goes out of business, a teacup shatters—my mother always says the same thing: "There is no refuge from change in the cosmos." Some changes are lightning fast.

Others take a long time to fully reveal themselves.

I decided we should get married somewhere he and I had been together.

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