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MARV Just put me on the institutional side of the room where the real cheesecake is. MARV (CONT'D) Buddy, buddy, when ya gonna realize it's big game hunters that bag the elephants, not retail brokers. he was on the phone 30 seconds after the Challenger blew up selling NASA stocks short. That's right, and you know everyday I say to myself, today could be the day... MARV (reappearing) Buddy, buddy, buddy; little trouble, huh, today. I've got to cover his loss to the tune of about seven grand!

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(pause, she looks like she forgot something) WORRIED MAN (V. Brokers mill by their desks, gulping coffee, scanning the papers, the quotrons. Past CHARLIE CUSHING, on the phone, a handsome chunk of man with rugged good looks and Ivy League mannerisms. CHARLIE ...still looking for the right 18 year old wife, how you doing, pal? CHARLIE (used to it) ...takes years of genetics, pal, and a Yale education... BUD I gotta feeling we're going to make a killing today, Marv.

He slips off his overcoat, flicks some lint off his Paul Stuart $500 suit, and enters the main trading room. I came here one day, I sat down, and look at me now. Bud reaches his trading desk, whips open his briefcase and pulls out a computer print-out of last night's homework.

(confidential) Okay, I'm giving this to you and you alone, 'cause I feel sorry for you. Brokers are shouting orders, running for tickets, dodging each other; it's a controlled riot.

The room rises to a subtle but new energy level with the clatter of the ticker, speakers, teletype machines, newsprinters' Dow Jones and Reuters, phones ringing off the hook.

The morning rush hour crowds swarm through the dark, narrow streets like mice in a maze, all in pursuit of one thing: MONEY... Blurred faces, bodies, suits, hats, attache cases float into view pressed like sardines against the sides of a door which now open, releasing an outward velocity of anger and greed, one of them BUD FOX. SUBWAY EXIT - MORNING The bubbling mass charges up the stairs.

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