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Searcy First United Methodist Church is a vibrant congregation with rich tradition dating back to the earliest days of Methodism in Arkansas.But our strength lies not only in our history, but in what God is doing in the here and now, and what God promises for the future.

Local lore says that the documents submitted with the name Snow Hall were misinterpreted by postal officials, and the name was recorded as Snowball. The first store had been established by Bill Taylor and the first hotel by A. Expectations ran high when, in 1912, a stave mill was established approximately four miles south of the town.

Many of the local residents were employed at the mill.

This information should be taken as a guide and should be verified by contacting the county and/or the state government agency.

See also: Carroll County, Arkansas - Populated Place Names (Carroll County Historical Society) Emphasis for this timeline is on events that affected migration, records, or record-keeping.

A film, , produced by the Arkansas Department of Education documented that first-through twelfth-grade students were taught by three teachers and transported by one school bus, and the building was heated by a wood stove.

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