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Instructions were clear and helpful and the wranglers were bright, kind and ready to answer questions and give me pointers on my riding. Most of all it was wonderful to just have amazing fun with a bunch of like-minded folk as a guest of the caring, attentive, dedicated, lovely Fox family! You all, and the wonderful staff, have sure created something special at Bitterroot!

From scenery and horses to staff, the retreat environment was the perfect area in which to process all that went on in one short week.( Anna Twinney clinic). I had complete confidence in all of my mounts, yet each had their own personality, vim and vigour! I rode every am and pm and enjoyed all the horses I rode. The country is spectacular, the horses well trained and reliable, the riding experience exciting, the accommodations are inviting, the food too good and the cocktail hour always welcome. The experience is a live advertisement for the importance of preserving open spaces. Thank you Fox family for making this a week I will never forget. You, your horses and the young people you have working there are amazing. We have now arrived back in RI, but we spent many an hour driving East, reflecting on the amazing experiences we had “Out West.” However, by far and away our time at Bitterroot stands out as one of the most special weeks any of us has ever had (including Jim) and certainly as a family, a week will cherish ALWAYS!

Selengai gave Wyndom her first real taste of independence on a horse…much of the time on the cattle drive she was riding out of sight from either of her parents.

Jim likes to think about the time at the ranch, but doesn’t like to think about anyone else on Bandana (who might be a less “effective” rider than he) For me, Salina, Shava, Sbaka (hope I did okay with the spelling!

) all got under my skin and for someone who has been pretty partial to Thoroughbreds, gave me a great appreciation for the gentle toughness and sensibility of your Arabians.

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