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One of the most beautiful sight-seeing spots in Northern Latvia is the Sigulda area - the deep valley of River Gauja, ruins of several old castles, including the partially restored Turaida Castle, sand caves, etc.

Jurmala, located near Riga, together with its numerous hotels, sanatoria, bars and restaurants is the largest resort area in the Baltics.

The Gulf of Finland borders Estonia on the north, the Russian Federation on the east, and the Republic of Latvia on the south.

We also offer services to people with special needs (young children, elderly, differently-abled, etc.) Transportation is available for both small and large groups as we can use cars, vans, and buses of all sizes.

We can begin the tour at a point in Estonia or another aforementioned country and end it at another.

Relations between Estonians and Finns are essentially facilitated thanks to the affinity and similarity of the languages - both Estonian and Finnish belong to the same Finno-Ugric group of languages. Finland is a good country to enjoy wilderness - Finns have 187,888 lakes, 179,583 islands and 5,100 rapids and 69% of the territory is occupied by the forest.

Finland has a lot of the towns and areas worth of your visit - Helsinki, the capital and largest city in the country, Porvoo only 55 km (30 miles) from Helsinki to enjoy relaxing atmosphere of small, but charming historical town wooden houses from the 18th-19 century.

The Republic of Estonia is one of three Baltic States which include Latvia and Lithuania.

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