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(NOTE: You want at least 1440 x 900 screen resolution) ________________________________________________________________________________ Full Stand-Alone Installer for Power SDR ke9ns v2.8.0.82 (you do not need v2.7.2) Contains: All files and programs needed for a fresh install.

Firmware updates to the Flex-1500, 3000, and 5000 radios for band region updates v.2.8.0 will automatically copy over the full contents of the 2.7.2 database folder and Quick Audio files.

For those with _____________________________________________________________________ 60m update to IARU Region 1: If after you have updated Power SDR to 2.8.0 and your Flex Radio is Turfed to "Europe" or some area that now has 60m Transmit but you have trouble transmitting, you can download a text file containing an example of from my Flex radios.

You can search your radio's database file (folder: %userprofile%\App Data\Roaming\Flex Radio Systems\Power SDR v2.8.0\) Open up your database file: database_Rev Q_F5K_1234-5678(but with your serial number) and see if any of these are missing or corrupted as compared to my database (found in 1 of the 3 files above).

(WARNING: You could make things worse if your database file calibration is not correct and you perform the step above.) ___________________________________________________________________ Power SDR Installation Video:here If you are updating Power SDR and find the "Incremental Installer" gives you an error (like a missing network resource), it could be a registry issue preventing the older Power SDR version from being uninstalled first.

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