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If you don't already, you might try regular trips to the local library and reading as often as time will allow. My son was 17 months when he first went all the way through a deck of ABC flashcards.

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Get Leap Frog Letter factory and it teaches the sound of the letter and will help with reading and it holds their attention too!

My son was 17 months old when he was able to go through a deck of ABC flashcards.

Burt Lancaster, Rock Hudson, Leonard Bernstein, Montgomery Clift, Robert Wagnor, Peter Fonda, Errol Flynn, Yul Brynner, Paul Newman, Tony Curtis and Steve Mcqueen all experimented with the same sex. However, such was the strength of the PR machine, many of these men were never questioned in main stream media until later on in life about sexuality.

The sad thing is, many young people growing up in the 50s and 60s could've benefited from knowing about such high profile actor's dating other men, yes it was a dangerous political time, but even just rumour's would have maybe lifted the spirits of some young men (and women) suffering awful homophobia.

Brando, who's most public interview about his sexual conquest's was held with biography writer Gary Carey around the time of the PR campaign for strange and wonderful western 'The Missouri Break's, had this to say ; "homesexuality is so much in fashion it no longer makes news, like a large number of men, i too have had homosexual experiences and i am not ashamed.

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