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Of course there's fat people of every kind but again it's about the odds. I don't know why this subject seems to be so threatening to so many of you. That a guy who can't handle a woman from his own country brags about allegedly having the wherewithal to go to other countries to find a woman he apparently believes will never get fat or old, or divorce his ass if he deserves it.

I'm a little surprised happen to be WAY off in your statistical reporting...approximately 41% of cross-cultural marriages in the US end in divorce, which is only slightly less than the 48% divorce rate for other marriages. Are you absolutely SURE you want to continue down THIS road...where the next thing you know, some smartass is gonna "twist" your oratory to "so you can't make the grade with American women"??

so your view would be that if you marry a Filipina girl you will never get divorced, she will never pork out, etc.?

I've seen quite a few fat Filipina ladies around..these parts It really doesn't matter what I say you guys will twist it to suit you.

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